Smart Construction Helmet with Bluetooth Technology



Mainboard: Microprocessing core motherboard (industrial helmet black box)
Battery: Built-in battery(Lithium Polymer,5000mAh), designated portable power device applicable as well
Camera: QHD camera 2k
Microphone: High-performance Windbreak Microphone
Sensor: High-performance
Light: Dual bright LED light
Charger: adaptive 5V/1A


  1. Bluetooth/ wifi/ 4G/ 5G technology.
  2. Built-in front camera for video data collecting, and SD card for storage.
  3. Real-time audio and video data delivering to background server.
  4. Real-time multi-party communication, and control center can be involved.
  5. Sensor for harmful gas warning.
  6. Emergency reporting system sand SOS to background server looking for help.
  7. Locating function based on Wifi, AHRS, and GPS.
  8. Powered by Lithium battery.
  9. Micro USB Charging and data transmission.